Yvonne Jamieson
Oil Paintings


Yvonne is a Toronto artist who has developed her niche in the past fifteen years with an emphasis on  landscapes.  Her oil paintings demonstrate a strong sense of colour and confidence.   Her paintings capture the play of light, shadow and texture, evoking powerful images of sunlight peeking through wooded areas of Muskoka and the seascapes of British Columbia. Many of her winter scenes reflect the solitude and peaceful mood of the boardwalk in The Beach in Toronto. Always looking for new ways to express the images she has captured through her travels, Yvonne has discovered the field of abstract art. She works with colour and shape using oil and acrylic.  Currently a member of the Beach Guild of Fine Art and Don Valley Art Club in Toronto.  Has been given the People's Chose Awards and the East York Foundation Award.  Her work has been sold privately and she has participated in group exhibitions in Toronto.